Zengun in brief

In order to live up to the name we have chosen, it is required to have an organization of individuals who work in the same direction. One of Zengun’s (Zengun Group AB incl. group companies) strengths is to combine talented individuals into teams that complement and assist each other in challenging construction projects. Together, we work with efficient project and production management on the way to our high goals.

Since the start in 2009, Zengun has taken major steps towards the goal of becoming one of the leading construction contractors in Stockholm. We offer experience, working methods and routines like a large company combined with proximity, curiosity and commitment like a small company. We are working hard to create and maintain long-term business relationships. With an exciting mix of experience, new knowledge and hunger, we want to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Zengun by the numbers

The market for commercial real estate stayed strong in Stockholm in 2018. Zengun continued to develop well and net turnover increased by 30% to MSEK 2,152. Organic growth amounted to 8.3% and acquisition growth 22.7% after the acquisition of RA Bygg in January. On 31 December, the order book had increased by 35% to TSEK 2,442 compared to the previous year.