Our values are the basis of the company culture that Zengun (Zengun Group AB incl. group companies) has and wants to develop. These values are also the touchstone for how the surrounding world and Zengun’s customers perceive the company. With the aim of maturing and developing as a company, Zengun works actively to identify its company values.

The project in the centre

Zengun is a framework to manage projects on behalf of customers. Successful projects present the opportunity to further develop this framework and in turn to refine project activities.

People in the centre

Personal and professional development strengthens both individuals and teams. We don’t try to mould everyone the same way, but instead strive to optimise each team.

Continual improvement

No process is perfect—there is always room for improvement, innovation and development. To achieve continual improvement, we have found that with approx. 80% tried and tested solutions and 20% innovations, we attain room for curiosity without losing our foothold.

Personal undertaking

We take responsibility, are hungry and committed. There are many successful projects in our history.


Zengun is a curious company where ideas are treated with respect. In order to understand, accept, take responsibility and create mutual trust, it is important that we respect our customers, employees, sub-contractors, competitors, the environment and the surrounding world.