Ten Years of Growth

When Zengun was formed in 2009, our vision was to create a completely new type of construction contractor. Zengun (Zengun Group AB incl. group companies) combines work methods and procedures from large construction companies, but is characterised at the same time by a flat organisational structure allowing commitment and customer-orientated working practices.

Zengun drives and is driven by projects. Each project has the objective to be the best reference project, which has resulted in customers returning with new assignments and new customers being attracted.


Zengun is one of the leading contractors in the Stockholm region. The company carries out construction projects assigned by well-known actors in the real estate sector. The main focus is on commercial real estate, but the company also has housing and public sector projects in its portfolio. Zengun is a full-service supplier and partner with customer-oriented working practices as an important part of its business acumen. The company has approx. 200 employees and its turnover is just over SEK 2 billion a year.